We’re All Over This One

22 10 2008

From their “Press” section:


“London has never seen anything quite like this before.”
– Peter Watts, Time Out. Read the full article here.

“The ambition is to offer a road map to a fuller life – secular and interior, not religious – toward which end a sense of humor helps. With its bookshelves and a glass cabinet stocked with knickknacks, it looks much more like a curiosity shop than like a school.” Read the full article here.
– Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times.

“Meeting new people challenges the way you think, and your fears and prejudices get thrown up in the air – all of which is very healthy when it comes to the subject of love, because it is an area in which you repeat patterns…..I’ve learned a profound truth about myself , which I hope will take me into the world a nicer, saner person”

Liz Hoggard, Evening Standard

“Step into The School of Life premises in Bloomsbury. I defy you not to be enthralled.” Read the full article here.
Hermione Eyre, The Independent on Sunday.

“a place where you go to think seriously about life, a private but open-doored university where you can take courses, read books and even travel in new ways”

– Emma Townshend, The Times. Read the full article here.

“An amazing project – an emporium of emotions, a bazaar of bibliotherapy, a convenience store of concepts, a trading post of triumphant philosophies.”

– Bel Mooney, author and journalist

“The school will be offering nothing less than a taste transfusion, a culture implant.  It deserves to succeed”.”

– Terence Blacker, The Independent

“At a stroke the phrase ‘Too cool for school’ has been rendered obsolete.”

– Geoff Dyer, writer

“I love the sheer range of activities it promotes, and the way it connects up courses with holidays psychotherapy and communal meals. This is the sort of place that can make you genuinely wise, rather than merely smart. In its spirit, it achieves everything I’ve been trying to do with my own writing for the past 15 years.”

– Alain de Botton, writer

“We think we lead satisfying lives at Monocle, but The School of Life has certainly had us reconsidering our position.”
– Saul Taylor, Monocle. Watch Monocle’s short film about The School of Life here.

“The environment and identity perfectly sum up the school’s motivating forces of curiosity, humanism, creativity and conviviality.”
– Angharad Lewis, Grafik

“A visitor’s first experience of The School of Life will be its shop, in a tucked-away corner of Bloomsbury, a space that will be organised as “a chemist for the mind” and which will happily sell you books, artwork, courses, holidays and “stigma-free psychotherapy”.  But, perhaps in homage to Mr Benn, the shop boasts a magic door, through which punters can enter a kind of salon that will be home to lively debates on all manner of pressing intellectual and emotional matters.”

– Alex Clark, Granta Magazine

“From the outset, The School of Life has been both a utopian and a pragmatic endeavour. It owes much to the vision of many short-lived (and sometimes never realised) projects which have sought to close the gap between art and life.”
– Sophie Howarth,
Director of The School of Life, in Tate etc. Read the full article here.




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