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14 11 2008

AoD Pet Care – Angel of Death Pet Care

AoD Internet Services – Angel of Death Internet Forensic Life Recreation Services

Cry Baby Clothing

Little Box Store




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9 12 2008

Hi all
I wish I could say “high” all, although sadly, that is not the case here in bumfuck alberta. This is jodi/crybaby. I met some of you at the launch party and look forward to working together. Crybaby is my release from the bullshit of working ‘for’ someone. I prefer to work ‘with’ people and am committed to supporting and brainstorming together for the success of Byss.
“Crybaby” is a childrens clothing line that I am designing and will ultimately become an on-line store of really cool things.
So far, I have built a business plan for the corporate sector thinking I could get some financial help from the government. Ha ha, jokes on me.
Here’s where I’m at:
One of my pilot projects was to “reinvent ” the scratch n sniff T-shirts from the 70’s. (the crybaby line is based on vintage, 50’s thru 80’s). I have been working with companies in the scent industry as well as printing. Apparently, it is very difficult to mix the two and be able to withstand washing, heat and pressure from the process. So far, I have only experiemented with microencapsulation which is how they do scented paper products.
I have recently come across a web-site that says you can use the same type of scent used in candle making and mix with plastisol inks but it requires many layers of printing. I am looking into this. Any comments or advice will be genuinely received.
Also, I need a logo for crybaby. I will try to forward my inspirational picture for the name but I suck at the whole computer thing.
Crybaby is typical middle class crying kid by day, super-hero by night; dreaming of saving children from the chaos of our planet.

9 12 2008
Ian Bruk

Thanks for your comments. All of them. This one in particular, however, really makes me excited about CryBaby.

Crybaby is typical middle class crying kid by day, super-hero by night; dreaming of saving children from the chaos of our planet.

Cool !

9 12 2008

I am going to send this to a friend of mine in the States who does alot of work with different scents, including candle and oil scents. See if he can offer any advice.

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