Little Boxes of Salal

8 12 2008

From Wikipedia:

In the Pacific Northwest, the harvesting of Salal is the heart of a large export of evergreens in which it is sold worldwide for use in floral arrangements.

From Clayoquot Green Economic Opportunities Project:

Salal sales make up 95% of the decorative greenery segment of $55 million to $60 million annualy  (plants sold to the floral industry). There are estimated 13,000 salal pickers in BC, many on Vancouver Island[3]. Recent research suggests that commercial salal on cedar-hemlock sites can be worth up to ~$2,500 ha. Research also suggests that experienced salal harvesters make on average $10-15 per hour[4]. Costs associated with transport from remote areas and product quality (e.g. spotting in wet seasons) must be taken into account along with harvester interest when evaluating the potential for expanded salal harvesting in the region.





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