Measured Architecture

9 12 2008

was interviewed this morning on CBC Radio.

It was the first time I heard an architect talk about sun, wind and trees. From their award winning design:

Given these parameters, the objective was to derive maximum benefit from the sun and the site, so orientation to the existing trees, to the sun, and to cool breezes from the adjacent valley were carefully considered.


From sunrise to sunset the sky is a constant presence, making everyone aware of the character of the day. Electric lights are needed only at night, and the house can be heated even in the deepest winter using just the wood stove. In the winter the house is very social, with all of the action happening in the main room. In the summertime, when the doors are open, it’s as cool as sitting under a tree, and the light reflected off the dried grass outside is warm and even.


I guess I am wanting to take the same approach with the development of T’a’grarial. It has taken living there for several years to attune oneself to the light, wind and natural landscape. Our ideas continue to evolve.




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