In response to cry baby,

11 12 2008

I didn’t think of this sooner  but I guess I should explain the name change from Nagivator to Loosey.

It all started after the trip for Fifths School Reunion trip.  After a long and really hard weekend  (hahahahaha) we finally made it back to Texada. Of course we could not make it home without stopping for a celebratory drink at the local pub. While we were there we ran into Mike the Mechanic, he said that I remind him of Lucy from Charlie  Brown, always pulling the football and making Charlie fall. Fifth and I looked at each other, obviously we were not recovered sufficiently from our trip, and had to change the spelling from Lucy to Loosey.  Apparently  it stuck for now  but after this weekend there might be a new name.  It could be a tuff weekend.  LOL




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