BC Ferries.

12 12 2008

I had an interesting conversation here today with a friend of mine.  He is great at brainstorming ideas to make money but doesnt follow thru with them. (Fifth you should talk to him more) He mentioned about promoting Horseback adventures for folks who would like to ride their horse from say the Lower Mainland up the Sunshine Coast and even as far as Texada.  I thought this would make a great opportunity to promote “enviro friendly” holidays. As the customer would be riding their own horses there would be no cost to us for insurance or anything, but we could plan their trip and take care of the little hassles for them.  For a small fee of course  lol. So thinking along these lines, I got on the phone to BC Ferries and was informed that no one can take a horse on board unless it is in a trailer.  I replied that I have seen many people take pets aboard and there doesnt seem to be a problem with that.  I said I would even be willing to pay the motorcycle fare for the horse as it is my mode of transportation.  They are looking into that for me.  I will re-post when I hear back from them.  Let me know what you think.




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