We Have Moved

27 10 2010

The new site is here.


Fantasy Logo

8 12 2008


More Logo Designs

8 12 2008



Customer/Contact Tidbits – November

26 11 2008
  • They won’t do as they’re told – so what’s the point of compromising?
  • Humans like software have bugs – fortunately we have an editing function called death.
  • If you win an Academy Award you live longer????
  • Where’s your heart? Right next to the hundred dollar bills in your wallet?

First Iteration of Logo

25 11 2008

Logo 1

A Tulip? Wheat growing?

Wheat/Tulip = Nature or Creation = Opposite of Abyss = Byss

Four disparate entities working as a whole.

Spelling the company name.

by Silent Partner

Company Taglines

24 11 2008

5. Don’t wait out the storm – learn to dance in the rain.

4. Nothing Matters – There’s always “one” thing. (Nothing Matters if your intentions are right. There’s always “one thing” from City Slickers the movie.

3. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. (Muhammad Ali quote)

2. Getting down to Byssness.

1. We can handle that.


Nothing Matters

We don’t care. Because we take care of ourselves.

First Draft of Independent Contractor Agreement

8 10 2008

Sexatary spent a couple of hours in briefings with me yesterday. She then went home to work. And today sent me the agreement. We are now in the process of registering the company.