Measured Architecture

9 12 2008

was interviewed this morning on CBC Radio.

It was the first time I heard an architect talk about sun, wind and trees. From their award winning design:

Given these parameters, the objective was to derive maximum benefit from the sun and the site, so orientation to the existing trees, to the sun, and to cool breezes from the adjacent valley were carefully considered.


From sunrise to sunset the sky is a constant presence, making everyone aware of the character of the day. Electric lights are needed only at night, and the house can be heated even in the deepest winter using just the wood stove. In the winter the house is very social, with all of the action happening in the main room. In the summertime, when the doors are open, it’s as cool as sitting under a tree, and the light reflected off the dried grass outside is warm and even.


I guess I am wanting to take the same approach with the development of T’a’grarial. It has taken living there for several years to attune oneself to the light, wind and natural landscape. Our ideas continue to evolve.


Little Boxes (of Stinging Nettles)

26 11 2008

From Wikipedia:

As Old English Stiðe, nettle is one of the nine plants invoked in the pagan Anglo-Saxon Nine Herbs Charm, recorded in the 10th century. Nettle is believed to be a galactagogue[2] and a clinical trial has shown that the juice is diuretic in patients with congestive heart failure[citation needed].

Urtication, or flogging with nettles, is the process of deliberately applying stinging nettles to the skin in order to provoke inflammation. An agent thus used is known as a rubefacient (i.e. something that causes redness). This is done as a folk remedy for rheumatism, as it provides temporary relief from pain.

Extracts can be used to treat arthritis, anemia, hay fever, kidney problems, and pain.

Nettle leaf is a herb that has a long tradition of use as an adjuvant remedy in the treatment of arthritis in Germany. Nettle leaf extract contains active compounds that reduce TNF-α and other inflammatory cytokines.[3][4]

Nettle is used in hair shampoos to control dandruff, and is said to make hair more glossy, which is why some farmers include a handful of nettles with cattle feed.[5] It is also thought nettles can ease eczema.

Nettle root extracts have been extensively studied in human clinical trials as a treatment for symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). These extracts have been shown to help relieve symptoms compared to placebo both by themselves and when combined with other herbal medicines.[6]

Because it contains 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran, certain extracts of the nettle are used by bodybuilders in an effort to increase free testosterone by occupying sex-hormone binding globulin.[citation needed]

Fresh nettle is used in folk remedies to stop all types of bleeding, due to its high Vitamin K content. Meanwhile, in dry U. dioica, the Vitamin K is practically non-existent, and so is used as a blood thinner.

Not only does nettle leaf lower TNF-a levels, but it has been demonstrated that it does so by potently inhibiting the genetic transcription factor that activates TNF-a and IL-1B in the synovial tissue that lines the joint.[7]

An extract from the nettle root (Urtica dioica) is used to alleviate symptoms of benign prostate enlargement. Nettle leaf extract, on the other hand, is what has been shown to reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-a and IL-B1.

Cooking, crushing or chopping disables the stinging hairs. Stinging nettle leaves are high in nutrients, and the leaves can be mixed with other ingredients to create a soup rich in calcium and iron.[8] Nettle soup is a good source of nutrients for people who lack meat or fruit in their diets.[9] The young leaves are edible and make a very good pot-herb. The leaves are also dried and may then be used to make a tisane, as can also be done with the nettle’s flowers.

Asset/Supplies Wishlist Vancouver

28 10 2008

Paint for painting on rubber.

Asset Purchase Powell River

28 10 2008

2 Wheelbarrows (Rona?)

20 Feet 5/16″ Chain (Rona?)

“Master” Brand Key Lock for above chain. (Wal-Mart)

We’re behind schedule on Video

11 10 2008

We were supposed to have a compilation “Mauling” video up by now. This is the best I could find of what we shot. Music’s faint (Van Morrison – Days Before Rock and Roll), Not much dialogue, No synchronization. Eventually, as the movie says “All Things Merge Into One and a River Runs Through It.”