Do your loved ones get too generous when they’re drinking?

27 11 2008

Buying rounds for people who will never return the favour?

Do they morph into “Hank the High Roller”?

Send them to a half-day seminar at Rock and Roll Rehab.

We’ll teach them the meaning of money.


Castor Oil Pack

30 10 2008

1. Three layers flannel big enough to cover affected area.

2. Put pack in pan and warm up with enough oil to soak flannel. (Warm only not hot)

3. Wipe affected area with warm castor oil.

4. Dust affected area with baking soda.

5. Place castor oil pack on affected area.

6. Apply heating pad on top of castor oil pack. 1-2 hours at a time. Heating pad should be as hot as is comfortable.