Google tightening its belt.

12 12 2008

Wow this financial crisis has hit everyone  it seems. Although with revenue up to $5.54 billion dollars and Net profits at $1.35 billion dollars, I really dont think they are hurting that bad.

WASHINGTON — Internet search king Google Inc. plans to tighten its belt amid slowing revenue growth, cutting back on spending and new projects, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


“We have to behave as though we don’t know” what’s going to happen, the newspaper quoted Google chief executive Eric Schmidt as saying.


The Mountain View, California, Internet giant will curtail the “dark matter,” Schmidt said of projects that “haven’t really caught on” and “aren’t really that exciting.”


Schmidt told the Journal that Google is “not going to give” an engineer 20 people to work with on certain experimental projects anymore. “When the cycle comes back,” he said, “we will be able to fund his brilliant vision.”


The newspaper report came as Trip Chowdhry, an analyst for Global Equities Research, said he expects Google to post revenue of $15.71 billion US this year, $15.23 billion US next year and $14.57 billion US in 2010.


“Our research indicates that the challenging macro-economic conditions continue to worsen Google’s advertising driven consumer Internet business,” Chowdhry said.


Google’s share price has fallen more than 50 per cent over the past year, finishing at $275.11 US in New York on Tuesday.


The Journal said online advertisements connected to Internet searches still accounted for 97 per cent of Google’s revenue but products such as Google Checkout, a Web payment service, and Google TV Ads, which sells television advertising time, haven’t generated significant revenue.


Last month, Google announced it was ending its virtual world experiment, Lively, at the end of December as part of a bid to “prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business.”


It also cancelled experimental search results website SearchMash.


Earlier this year, Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced plans to “significantly” reduce its workforce of some 10,000 contract workers.


Google has also been looking for new revenue opportunities.


Last month it began running ads on financial news website Google Finance and the Journal said it plans to soon run ads on news aggregator site Google News.


The Journal said “top priorities” for investment include display ads, advertising on mobile phones and online business software.


Google is known for its benefits, such as a free cafeteria and other perks, but the Journal said those may be cut back as part of the belt-tightening.


Google’s third-quarter profits beat the expectations of Wall Street analysts. Net profits rose 26 per cent to 1.35 billion dollars while revenue, at $5.54 billion US, was up 31 per cent from the same period of 2007.


In response to cry baby,

11 12 2008

I didn’t think of this sooner  but I guess I should explain the name change from Nagivator to Loosey.

It all started after the trip for Fifths School Reunion trip.  After a long and really hard weekend  (hahahahaha) we finally made it back to Texada. Of course we could not make it home without stopping for a celebratory drink at the local pub. While we were there we ran into Mike the Mechanic, he said that I remind him of Lucy from Charlie  Brown, always pulling the football and making Charlie fall. Fifth and I looked at each other, obviously we were not recovered sufficiently from our trip, and had to change the spelling from Lucy to Loosey.  Apparently  it stuck for now  but after this weekend there might be a new name.  It could be a tuff weekend.  LOL

Measured Architecture

9 12 2008

was interviewed this morning on CBC Radio.

It was the first time I heard an architect talk about sun, wind and trees. From their award winning design:

Given these parameters, the objective was to derive maximum benefit from the sun and the site, so orientation to the existing trees, to the sun, and to cool breezes from the adjacent valley were carefully considered.


From sunrise to sunset the sky is a constant presence, making everyone aware of the character of the day. Electric lights are needed only at night, and the house can be heated even in the deepest winter using just the wood stove. In the winter the house is very social, with all of the action happening in the main room. In the summertime, when the doors are open, it’s as cool as sitting under a tree, and the light reflected off the dried grass outside is warm and even.


I guess I am wanting to take the same approach with the development of T’a’grarial. It has taken living there for several years to attune oneself to the light, wind and natural landscape. Our ideas continue to evolve.

Fantasy Logo

8 12 2008


More Logo Designs

8 12 2008



Little Boxes of Salal

8 12 2008

From Wikipedia:

In the Pacific Northwest, the harvesting of Salal is the heart of a large export of evergreens in which it is sold worldwide for use in floral arrangements.

From Clayoquot Green Economic Opportunities Project:

Salal sales make up 95% of the decorative greenery segment of $55 million to $60 million annualy  (plants sold to the floral industry). There are estimated 13,000 salal pickers in BC, many on Vancouver Island[3]. Recent research suggests that commercial salal on cedar-hemlock sites can be worth up to ~$2,500 ha. Research also suggests that experienced salal harvesters make on average $10-15 per hour[4]. Costs associated with transport from remote areas and product quality (e.g. spotting in wet seasons) must be taken into account along with harvester interest when evaluating the potential for expanded salal harvesting in the region.


This is soooo me

5 12 2008